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AC1RHA: Automotive Air Conditioning Refrigerant Handling Certification
ATABDT: Bosch Diagnostic Technician (IMI Accreditation)
ATABMT: Bosch Master Technician (IMI Accreditation)
ATALVIN: Light Vehicle Inspection Technician (IMI Accreditation)
CS1: Customer Care
LVINT: Light Vehicle Inspection Training
MOT1: MOT Tester Training (Class 4 & 7)
MOT2: MOT Tester CPD (Class 4 & 7)
MOT3: MOT Managers – Vehicle Systems MOT Training
VSB10: Body Control Systems, CAN & Multiplexed Networks
VSB26: Automotive Air Conditioning Systems Diagnosis
VSB8: Airbag & Supplementary Safety Systems
VSC13: Advanced Braking Control Systems
VSC28: Steering Geometry & Four Wheel Alignment
VSC6: Braking & Chassis Systems, ABS & ESP
VSD12: Essential Diesel Knowledge
VSD15: Common-Rail System Diagnosis
VSD16: Unit Injector System Diagnosis
VSD23: Advanced Diesel System Controls & Emissions
VSE1: Essential Test Procedures
VSE11: Automotive Electronics Advanced: ECU Control &…
VSE32: Battery Management Systems & Start/Stop Technology
VSE7: Automotive Electronics: Vehicle Sensors & Components
VSG11: Gasoline Direct Injection System Diagnosis
VSG14: Gasoline Engine Management: Advanced System Controls
VSG17: Gasoline Engine Emissions Analysis & OBD
VSG2: Engine Management: Spark Ignition & Diagnosis
VSG5: Engine Management: Diagnosis of Universal Components
VSH26: Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems
VSH27: Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems
VSTD33.1: Understanding Diagnostic Fault Codes & Live Data
VSTD33: Mac Mentor Touch Training
VSTD38: Introduction to Pass-Thru (GM)
VSTD9: Oscilloscope Operation & Signal Test Methods
WTE1: Operation of Bosch KTS 5xx/3xx Diagnostic Testers (ESI 2.0)
WTE4: Operation of the Bosch FSA 500 Oscilloscope